Baxter of California Safety Razor Set

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Baxter of California Safety Razor Set


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Remember the days of traditional shaves? Baxter of California brings it back in a modern way with the Safety Razor Set. Designed for wet shavers this awesome 3-piece set has everything you need in a sleek and stylish chrome-plated exterior for a sophisticated shave. It comes with the Silver Tip Badger Brush to create foaming lather to lift up facial hair. The Double-Edge Safety Razor provides a smooth glide on your skin for a close and comfortable shave. The handsome stand holds the razor and the brush and the handles are both engraved with the inspiration of a classic barbershop pole pattern for a gentlemanly presentation on your bathroom counter. Benefits: Traditional gentleman’s set Comes with Silver Badger Brush Double-Edge Safety Razor and stand Foams up with rich lather Provides outstandingly close shave Ideal for wet shavers [ Kit contains: Safety Razor Badger Hair Brush & Stand ]