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Biopelle didn’t invent retinol but with innovative science it has created Retriderm® Serum. It’s retinol also known as vitamin A that infuses skin in the form of a protein-rich oil-free water-based suspension that allows skin to fully absorb it with little irritation and big results. Biopelle features three formulas for Retriderm® Serums – Retriderm® Serum Mild which has the lowest concentration of retinol at .5%; Retriderm® Serum Plus which contains a bit more at .75%; and Retriderm® Serum Max with 1% retinol content. These serums each soften and smooth skin while diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles plumping up thinned skin for a firmed and youthful look that lasts. Benefits: Unique encapsulation of retinol for better absorption and effectiveness Causes minimal irritation Available in three varying strengths Smooths skin to erase lines and wrinkles Plumps and firms skin for youthful appearance [ 1 fl. oz. / 295 ml. ]