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More than a toothbrush the Foreo ISSA Mini helps educate children on how to properly maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums on their own. A fun and easy way for your little one to clean their teeth twice a day in just 2 minutes! Added parental controls allow you to monitor its use within 12 hours to promote a normal brushing routine. Benefits: The ISSA mini lasts up to 200 uses per full charge the brush heads lasts for a whole year and the device comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty Made from nonporous silicone that’s easy to clean and prevents buildup of bacteria Mild pulsations and silicone bristles allow the ISSA™ mini to effectively clean teeth remove plaque and prevent cavities while remaining gentle on children’s more sensitive gums and softer tooth enamel Smile Helpers “Glee” (happy face) or “Glum” (frowny face) indicate if a 2-minute brushing routine has been completed within 12 hours helping children maintain a consistent brushing routine on their own Ensure smooth radiant & healthy-looking skin with innovative & effective cleansing from the full line of Foreo products at Authorized Foreo Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed