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HydroPeptide Nimni Cream


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Harness the revolutionary power of Dr. Marcel Nimni’s collagen research with this intensive cream that delivers proven age-reversal results. Skin glows with improved fullness and elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. This exclusive formula uses time-released retinol for the ultimate rejuvenation of aging skin. Along with a patented amino acid complex this incredible formulation helps skin produce collagen once again for a look that continues to defy age over time. Benefits: Ideal for skin with deep wrinkles or lost facial volume Formulated with exclusive Nimni™ Technology Improves skin’s fullness and elasticity Reveals younger-looking skin through optimized collagen production Time-released retinol formula rejuvenates for beautiful younger skin [ 0.5 fl oz / 14.8 ml ] [ 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml ] Improve skin hydration reduce fine lines and give your skin a beautiful glow with the full line of HydroPeptide products at BeautifiedYou.com Authorized HydroPeptide Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed