Murad White Brilliance™ Porcelain Serum

/Murad White Brilliance™ Porcelain Serum

Murad White Brilliance™ Porcelain Serum


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Get the power of four brightening technologies in one brilliant product for your healthiest-looking skin. Murad White Brilliance Porcelain Serum enhances your skin’s translucency with porcelain flower extract. Along with green tea extract the phytoactive elements in this antioxidant-rich ingredient preserve and promote skin brightness and firmness. With hexylresorcinol and hexapeptide-2 skin is infused with radiance developing the flawlessly smooth finish of porcelain. Healthy skin is the kind that glows with natural vivacious beauty something this formula can restore for you quickly. Benefits: Highly-potent serum Enhances skin’s translucency with 4 brightening technologies Visibly luminous healthful glow Gentle enough for sensitive skin Leaves skin with porcelain-smooth finish [ 1 oz / 30 ml ]