Phytomer Shaka Shaka Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion

/Phytomer Shaka Shaka Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion

Phytomer Shaka Shaka Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion


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Phytomer has yet again revolutionized the skincare industry with this first-of-its-kind contouring product you’ve got to see to believe. It’s three phases – water oil and powder lotion that you shake before applying to skin. In an instant cellulite is smoothed and fat is attacked disappearing more and more with every use. Magical ingredients like layered clay bring instant smoothing while blurring away rough orange peel-like skin. Apido3 smoothes dimples from cellulite while diminishing excess fat. Halopteris Scoparia stimulates collagen production to firm up the skin. The result is skin that tightens and bounces back to its youthful glory with smooth and sublime precision. Benefits: Burns fat and smoothes cellulite away Three-phase formula shakes up to instantly reboot skin Blurs rough skin away for refined appearance Encourages collagen production Leaves skin firmer smoother and more glorious [ 3.4 fl oz / 100 mL ] Utilize biochemistry & marine micro-organisms for the most powerful anti-aging properties see Phytomer products at Authorized Phytomer Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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