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SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel is ideal for your post-op scar management. This versatile gel can be applied over a surgical incision once re-epithelialization has occurred or to existing scars that are still in the process of remodeling while supplying hydration and occlusion needed for the wound bed. Suitable for all skin types Scar Recovery Gel is recommended for use twice daily in the morning and in the evening and can be used with or without micro-porous tape. Unique key ingredients such as centella asiatica bulbine frutescens and olive leaf extract work together to minimize the appearance of scars. Multiple clinical studies have shown that 80% of treated scars improved within six months! Benefits : 80% of treated scars in a clinical study showed improvement within six months Ideal for post-op scar management and treatment Can be applied to a surgical incision or existing scars Minimizes the appearance of scarring Provides hydration and occlusion needed for the wound bed SKINMEDICA 37 For scientifically proven patented restorative formulations see SkinMedica products at Authorized SkinMedica Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed